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Western Ontario Parrot Rescue


Feathered Friends

I have now adopted out 2 lovely birds to wonderful homes. Pepi, a 2 year old pied male cockateil has been placed with a family with a young girl who carries him around on her shoulder and just loves the little guy.

Placed also:- Female Cobalt Lovebird that will spend her days getting tons of attention and be spoilt beyond belief.

Thanks to the wonderful families for taking in these 2 lovely feathered friends.

When adoptions become available I will post. Please understand that all prospective adoptees will be screened before I place a bird. There will be no huge adoption fee as you might find at an animal shelter. My main objective will be to place birds with the appropriate family.

**Not all birds that are rescued are suitable for adoption, some will remain here if that is the owners request.

**NOTE** Pet birds will NEVER be used as breeders nor will they be adopted to anyone wanting a breeder.

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